18 Inexpensive Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home – Brilliant!

18 Inexpensive Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home – Brilliant!

You can never have enough tips on making sure your home looks clean and stylish. Here are 18 ideas on how to cover eyesores around the house. Here’s to getting crafty!

1. Does the underside of your desk look like a snake pit from the Indiana Jones movies? A drop cloth is the perfect solution for “out of sight, out of mind.”

2. Why have pet bowls take up space when not used? Try a drawer insert for your pet’s dishes.

3. Make your folded chairs look like a rainbow with some spray paint.

4. In the right room, a rope hung clothing rack can be plain ol’ suave.

5. You can turn any support pole into a column as an aesthetic remedy.

6. And with a little accenting, your column can turn into a visual center piece.

7. Have an ugly tile floor? A little bit of paint can brighten it up in no time.

8. Pet crate covers are an awesome way to add visual appeal to a room, and give your pet some extra coziness. Sew or buy one here.

9. Plants are a great way to give a lively look to boring cinder blocks.

10. Why not make that kitchen island more functional with a roll out trash and recycle bin?

11. It may seem obvious, but painting your garage door can really enhance the appeal of your home’s exterior.

12. Bring nature into your bathroom with Airstone accents for your tub.

13. The edge between a backsplash and a painted wall can end a bit awkward or abrupt at times. A bracket shelf can help.

14. Keep your charging station out of sight by moving it inside a top drawer.

15. Do you have any of this nasty popcorn texture on your ceilings?

Scrap it off. Be aware that it can be quite a process. And be certain to check the material for asbestos. For the full DIY, check here.

16. Another option is to cover it with plaster.

17. Use fabric and a staple gun to turn ugly box springs into something much easier to appreciate.

18. Last but certainly not least, there’s also the “hidden wire hook” method for keeping wires under your desk out of sight.


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